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A. We charge "per person per hour". when less than 5 people are going to be the individual rate, more than 5 people are going to be group rate! See our price page for details.

A. Currently, we don't have the open mic in our lobby, but we will have it in the near future.

A. Due to the policy of our liquor license, you are NOT ALLOWED to bring any beverages (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) into our building.

A. We have full bar with many drinks available. Visit the bar in front for more drinks.

A. We update our song list every month. Our list includes the latest releases as well as special requests.

A. Yes, but English songs only. We add songs depending on the number of requests we receive. A. Yes, we love to have songs request, However, please understand that if there is no company that makes a karaoke track for your specific song, we can't add it to our song selection.

A. We have six rooms in a variety of sizes. Mini rooms are recommended for less than 5 people. Standard rooms are recommended for 4 to 10 people. VIP room is recommended for 10 - 25 people.

A. Room reservations will have 15% gratuity and tax added onto the final bill. Room rates do not include food or drinks. No outside food are allowed unless special circumstances apply (i.e. for birthdays you are allowed to bring a cake).